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As I Walk Through This Journey Receiving My Healing...

Sexual misconducts of any kind are topics that are very seldom discussed in our homes or in our churches, no, these are not pleasant subjects o‚Äčr topics but, in order for us to move on with our lives we must confront and defeat the past. We live with nightmares that haunt us, shame that follows us, guilt that will not leave us alone, anger that holds us captive, unforgiveness that blinds us and a raging mind that says that I will never get over this violation.

Life has taken many of us through some type of perilous journey. There were times in which we were faced with situations that have almost snatched the breath of life from our bodies. It is only by the grace of God that each one of us are still standing holding on to this gift called "life".

Each one of us has a purpose and destiny that we need to seek and follow. Our lives should be filled with zeal, love and desire for the things that God has created in us and for us. The only way for us to accomplish this is to follow the journey of freedom. A journey to be set free from the past and it's constant reminders.

Freedom will allow us to walk in wholeness and healing with a passion for life. This site is made available to you as a safe and confidential place to come. You can "voice" your hurts, fears, grief, anger, confusion and feeling stranded in the darkness of "why me".   

This site was created with a mission to be used as a tool to offer spiritual support. The kind of support that will listen to your concerns, to encourage you when in fear and to be that shoulder for you to lean on. Healing is a step by step journey whereby you may need someone to just HOLD MY HAND. The kind of support needed to walk with you as you travel from the past to the now. My hand is stretched out to you for support. If and when you need someone to listen contact: lady[email protected] or call 773.266.4219.

Our vision is to see people set free from torment in their minds and healed from pain in their emotions. Providing spiritual support for others in order to live in the fullness of life.

Our vision is to see women walk in purpose and reach their destiny with a new passion for life. When issues of life compels us to walk with heads bowed down low with our eyes facing the ground remember these words: "But thou, o Lord art a shield for me, my glory, and the lifter of mine head. " Psalm 3:3

By no means do I hold a PH.D. in professional counseling. Nor do I claim to take the place of a trained psychologist. I do advise that in a case of self harm or endangerment of another you seek professional help.